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Schuyler Rubber Co, Inc

For 70 years Schuyler Rubber Company has been turning post-consumer tires into durable products used in the marine, logistics and solid waste industries.  Schuyler has a proven track record for durability and performance and those same processes and techniques that have garnered our success is what we have poured into our roll off wheels.  Schuyler has produced these wheels for over 10 years and enjoys many satisfied customers.  Our customers appreciate not only the recycled aspect, but also the silence of an empty container rolling with our wheels as well as the ability to drop a can anywhere without fear of damaging the surface that it’s coming to rest on.  In many cases the rubber wheels last longer than steel wheels as the impact and weight of the can and its contents are absorbed rather than being transferred directly to the wheel, axle, and mounting bracket. Try a pair today!