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The Sutera semi-underground waste solution is designed with the hauler in mind.
Because of its unique installation capabilities, Sutera requires no enclosure and much less space than a traditional dumpster. This means time saved on opening enclosures, and revenue earned by installing more dedicated containment systems for various recyclables. By enabling haulers to service multiple units in a restricted space area, Sutera demonstrates more options and potential business opportunities than conventional dumpsters.
There is no lateral contact by the truck with the Sutera system, which protects from potential damage to both the truck and the unit. And, Sutera features less noise and water accumulation than traditional dumpsters – something that haulers and the communities they serve will enjoy.
Sutera is an exciting new tool for the effective management of 
solid wastes and recyclables, and can complement existing 
infrastructure in a variety of ways. Contact us today to find out how: