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FleetGenius Promotes First Female Plant Manager

Lenoir, NC: FleetGenius, LLC, has promoted employee Lea Cook to Plant Manager. She will be one of the first and only females in the Environmental Services industry to hold such a title.
"With a lot of coaching, guidance, and support from the upper FleetGenius team, a light bulb came on like ‘Oh I can do this!’. When you have a team that agrees, supports, and backs you up, it makes all the difference”, said Lea. She has a background in engineering, and previous to the new role received an Associate’s in Engineering and worked her way up for 2 years within the company.
When asked about tips for other female leaders in the industry, or those who want to work their way up into leadership positions, Lea had two quotes that stuck in her mind. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and can’t never could, ‘til it did. I know they can be seen as silly phrases, but they were a big driver for me, through and through”.
Her plans for the future? “Bring together the team and get all their wonderful ideas out there. Help them to express themselves and flap their little wings”.
FleetGenius is a nationally recognized full-service container & compactor solutions partner. Container and compactor solutions include sales, refurbishment, field service repairs, rentals, inventory management, cleaning, repairs, A&D (steel & plastic), rebranding, and end-of-life container recycling. New products include steel front load containers, roll-offs, industrial containers, hoppers, trailers, recycling containers, and the Pinnacle line of compactors and receivers.