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For 90 years, customers and partners have appreciated PALFINGER's pioneering spirit. True to the tagline 
“Together we can reach anything”, we have continued to place our customers at the center of all activities.  It’s part of our nature at PALFINGER to always reach for something bigger, to push beyond our limits and to tackle the challenges ahead with a forward-thinking attitude. That is exactly what is emphasized in our introduction of the new PALFINGER FHS Series of Truck-Mounted Forklifts.  
“We see challenges not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. We create solutions and provide answers. That is what drives us as the world market leader, and therefore the entire industry as well. Our customers are always the center of our focus. Because we can only deliver suitable products and solutions if we know their challenges,” says PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser. 
Reinvented with our customers input, our Global & Regional Teams have worked on developing a truly unique product.  The result was new features, innovations and patents that permits us to say we have truly revolutionized the truck-mounted forklift.  The full range of forklifts in the 5,500 pound capacity class are available in four configurations, STANDARD, STANDARD REACH, 4-WAY AND 4-WAY REACH, and with 10‘ or 12‘ masts. 
The exterior has a striking look with its higher ground clearance, lower profile engine hood, powder coated chassis, and contemporary angular styling.  Inside the spacious operator cabin you will find our patented swivel seat assembly with 25° outward rotation which increases access when entering and exiting the machine.  Finally, there is an integrated side guard providng extra protection for the operator. 
The PALFINGER Ground Control System comes standard on all models and allows operators to mount and dismount the forklift from a truck or trailer without climbing on board. 
Our new Reach Forklift is the picture of precision, efficiency and control.  The Patented Reach System extends the forks forward to the centerline of the trailer, while the mast remains firmly against the side of the truck or trailer.  This allows the operator to lift full capcity loads at maximum reach while retaining the ability to tilt and side shift at all times.