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Bruckner’s Truck & Equipment Celebrates 90TH Anniversary

Bruckner’s Truck & Equipment Celebrates 90TH Anniversary




Amarillo, TX:  Longtime Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks North America dealership group, Bruckner’s Truck & Equipment embarked on another monumental year in 2022 celebrating their 90th year anniversary. “We are proud and overjoyed to be commemorating our 90 years in business and have enjoyed celebrating anniversary events all across our 37 locations throughout the year,” said Chris Bruckner, executive vice president, Bruckner’s Truck & Equipment.


The history of Bruckner Truck Sales explains a lot about the company’s philosophy and commitment to customer service. B.M. “Bennie” Bruckner, Sr. founded Bruckner’s Garage in Amarillo, Texas in 1932. Even during the early years, Bennie believed in the value of hiring ‘good people’ who were equally committed to providing a high level of customer service. His philosophy provided inspiration to his son, Ben Bruckner Jr., who passed in 2012. 


Today, the legacy of strong leadership continues to inspire Ben Jr’s two sons, Brian, and Chris Bruckner. As Bruckner’s continues to expand its footprint across the southwest and Pacific northwest, the families’ core values remain at the center of all business decisions.


“My vision for Bruckner Truck Sales is that we are a “gritty” organization with a lot of “gritty” people on our team. Often, we are faced with great challenges and difficulties, but people with character have the will to meet the challenge and overcome it,” shares Brian Bruckner, president. “Grit is a description that fit my grandfather and my father very well. Not to mention that they were both men of passion and perseverance.”  


“I am grateful for the wonderful legacy my granddad and dad has left us. Our 90 years of success is a direct result of hard work, persistency, and building the business around having the very best associates in the industry. As reflected in our Core Values, Bruckner’s has always had a passion for being an employer of choice and a company who will ‘Do what it takes’ to support our customers,” shares Chris.  


“From our family to yours, we thank you; our valued customers and dedicated employees as we celebrate our past, present and future.” - Brian and Chris Bruckner