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FleetGenius Launches FleetGenius Compactor Solutions Website

Naples, FL: FleetGenius, LLC, a national provider of sustainable container and compactor solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new compactor website,
The new website focuses on the product and service offerings of its national compactor & baler division, FleetGenius Compactor Solutions. It features a modern design, high functionality, a layout that is simple to navigate, and an abundance of high-quality information. Every page has a contact form that goes directly to a human representative, making it easy to get in touch. Products highlighted by the website include stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, apartment compactors, vertical compactors, pre-crushers, compactor containers, vertical balers, and horizontal balers. Services highlighted include compactor & baler repair, installation, and preventative maintenance.
"We are thrilled to debut our new compactor website to our customers and prospective customers. The site does a fantastic job of presenting our compactor services in a way that is comprehensive yet easy to digest,” said Andreas Gruson, Chairman and CEO of FleetGenius. "We strive to be the United States leading solutions provider for those with compactor & baler needs. This website sets us on the right path.”
In addition to the above products and services mentioned, the website will also be updated regularly with fresh blog posts and other relevant content. Visitors are encouraged to explore the site and follow FleetGenius Compactor Solutions on LinkedIn.