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Game-Changing Upgrades and Features Added to Existing Roll-Off Tarping Systems Shur-Co® Releases New Products to the Waste Industry

Yankton, SD: Shur-Co® is pleased to announce the launch of its new SWAT® SA and Quick-Flip4™ tarping systems. 
The new SWAT® SA is a hydraulic, adjustable steel arm roll-off tarp system for smaller cable-hoist and hook lift trucks carrying 12’-21’ long containers.  A variation of the standard Donovan® SWAT® tarp system which accommodates full-size roll off trucks and 22’ long containers, SWAT® SA has been modified for shorter trucks and can be ordered to cover either 12’–18’ containers (straight arm) or 18’-21’ containers (bent arm).  SWAT® SA systems can be operated from the trucks existing hydraulic valve bank or with its own 3-valve wet kit or self-contained hydraulic power unit and remote control.  Each SWAT® SA includes our industry leading Mighty Mesh® tarp.  Replacement parts are interchangeable with our standard SWAT® System. 
The new Quick-Flip4™ Aluminum Arm System is a tarp system for single-axle and multi-axle roll off trucks, as well as roll off trailers.  Like the previous generation model, Quick Flip3™ that it replaces, the Quick-Flip4™ features the well-known unbreakable arms and industry leading Mighty Mesh® tarp.  The most significant new features of the Quick-Flip4™ are factory pre-assembled gantry & tarp housing, working lights, coiled power cord and remote-control operation.  
Commenting on these new product releases, Scot Fuhrman, Vice President of Sales states, “Since tarp companies began designing systems for roll off operators nearly 30 years ago, the focus has always been on the larger trucks carrying 20, 30 and 40 cu. yd. containers.  In recent years, the medium-duty, single-axle truck market has exploded.  There are a lot of trucks and haulers out there carrying 12’ – 18’ containers that need better tarping options.  With SWAT® SA and Quick-Flip4™, we are delivering quality products that offer a variety of automation and operation options and multiple price points.  We are excited to bring these new systems to market.” 
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